SailAway Academy

The primary mission of SailAway Academy is to be the instrument of renewed hope and unparalleled academic achievement for students who have lost hope or underachieved. With its inclusive philosophy, every student is a SailAway Scholar… whether the student is gifted, typical, or challenged; whether ADD/ADHD masks their true learning potential; whether their memory deserts them at every turn; whether life deals them a tragic blow, like losing a parent or experiencing a life-altering illness themselves; whether a major academic jump-start is needed to get back on track, a positive affirmation of effort and hard works to heal a wounded heart, or a gentle push to move to the next, unknown step…. SailAway Academy embraces students where they are and compassionately and diligently creates the learning environment and educational plan to guide them firmly but gently to new heights of academic and personal success.

SailAway Academy doesn’t feel like a typical school. Classrooms, filled with hands-on learning tools, support individual student learning styles and feel more like home than school. The low student:teacher ratio of no more than seven students to one teacher allows individualized attention to each student’s specific need and is the perfect environment for each student to develop academic and social skills that promote a lifetime of personal success.

SailAway Academy’s four full-time academic programs are:

Wee Scholars

Designed for children ages four to six, the Wee Scholars program is a full-day program featuring SailAway’s cognitive, neuro-developmental approach to teaching and learning for the youngest student in preparation for a highly successful K-12 academic career. This unique program lays a strong foundation for mastering fundamental literacy skills, cultivating lifelong learning habits, and building confidence and motivation.

Young Scholars

Designed for students functioning at first through fifth grade, students build rock-solid literacy, mathematical, and critical thinking skills to propel them through middle and high school. As they develop confidence in their own learning abilities, teachers encourage them to attempt doable academic risks and challenges to stretch their personal educational horizons. In their highly interactive, family-oriented environment, students learn respect for one another, take responsibility for themselves and personal and school property, and develop resourcefulness in problem-solving, all important milestones for the development of leadership, organization and decision-making skills. Young Scholars begin to explode what they love to learn most and encouraged by staff and faculty to develop their own individual interests in language arts, math, science, world languages, art, technology, physical education, drama and music.

Junior Scholars

A challenging and developmentally appropriate program for students functioning at the sixth through eighth grade level, Junior Scholars expand on the essential learning skills acquired in the Young Scholars program. They delve deeper into critical thinking, writing and research, reading and discussion, inquiry, organization and study supported by consistent hands-on experiential activities. Curriculum differentiation, a widely accepted educational “best practice” to address varied learning styles among students, is a hallmark of Junior Scholars. Students who complete Junior Scholars are well prepared to thrive as Varsity Scholars.

Varsity Scholars

Varsity Scholars for students functioning academically at the ninth through twelfth grade level, regardless of age, offers two diploma-granting high school career paths, College Preparatory and General Studies, and diligently seeks a 100% graduation rate.

College Preparatory students pursue a student-centered, academically rigorous and complete course of study, often exceeding the highest high-school graduation requirements. Varsity Scholars are well-rounded individuals who are highly competitive college applicants with ACT/SAT scores that meet or exceed the benchmark. The rigorous SailAway College Prep path develops Varsity Scholars who excel in their secondary education because SailAway creates a high-interest individualized course of study that supports the individual student’s long term career goals. The low student/teacher ratio allows SailAway Academy to develop courses, creatively and individually to satisfy the student’s thirst for knowledge, no matter what the discipline. These unusual offerings foster an unusual intellectual curiosity and commitment beyond the norm in its Varsity Scholars. Varsity Students actively explore the fine, performing, and literary arts, examine narrowly defined science and math topics, and investigate practical subjects like criminology and emergency management. Every Varsity Scholar writes a minimum of four research papers as a graduation requirement, and they love it. Additionally, College Prep Varsity Scholars participate in dual enrollment classes and gain both high school and college credit. SailAway faculty, staff, and adjunct staff provide college-bound scholars thorough guidance in making those all important college admissions decisions.

General Studies course of action equips Varsity Scholars to enter the workforce or trade school after high school graduation. The General Studies path adheres to all generally accepted high school graduation requirements, and General Studies Varsity Scholars participate in many of the same classes as their College Prep counterparts. General Studies Varsity Scholars graduate equipped with solid literacy and math skills to compete for jobs that do not require technical school or college training them for entering the workforce or trade school, or a comprehensive college-preparatory program in an active and supportive environment.

“We are truly thankful for the school environment of SailAway Learning & Academy. Our son has always felt believed in and we have seen him mature in many ways. Academically he has been given the chance to flourish in areas of strengths. In areas of struggles, he has been allowed to work at his unique place and pace. As a result, he is less stressed, more confident and has made significant progress. SALA creates an environment of care, hope and success.”
– Carol Jordan, Campus Crusade for Christ