Nautilus Program

The Nautilus program is SailAway’s premier, service-rich program designed for home educators who want and need more.


Nautilus. The ideal choice for first-time home educators, families experiencing academic or behavioral problems, or those who have children with special needs.


Nautilus families receive four hours of one-on-one consultation time with a highly-qualified SailAway educational consultant. Help includes personalized curriculum design, home-school management and organization, or any area of importance to the family.


The Nautilus Program includes:

  • Enrollment in a diploma-granting private school recognized by the State of Tennessee.
  • Convenient online recordkeeping through state-of-the-art educational technology.
  • TWICE a year reporting (January 15th and June 15th)
  • Year-Round Enrollment.
  • High school transcripts & diploma.
  • Attendance certification required to obtain a driver's license,for the TN Department of Safety.

  • Support & service via email or phone at 865.376.7005 or
  • Student I.D. Card available upon request
  • Participation in Academy field trips and activities
  • School pictures available
  • Cap and gown graduation cermony
  • Four hours of personal consultation time, plus one hour for each additional Nautilus student
  • Convenient 3-payment plan option available upon request
  • Exclusive 10% member discount on tutoring, ACT Test Prep, and all SailAway® Literacy Development curriculum.


Registration Fees for the Nautilus Program

Kindergarten through 8th Grade

First student: $249
Each additional student: $99  (
Note: Families may opt to register additional students as Compass students)
Lifetime Family Registration Fee: $35


High School

The extra fees include transcript maintenance and high school planning assistance.

$274 registration fee (freshman through junior year)

$324 registration fee (seniors)