SailAway Assessments exists to get to the heart of the child and shed the light of understanding for his/her educational journey.
We share this knowledge with parents so they can make the best educational decisions for their children.
We use state-of- the-art academic and diagnostic tests to discover accurate information about how a child learns best.

The SailAway Diagnostic Evaluation
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Why Should I Get an Assessment?

Did you know a major reason many students never achieve their full potential is they don’t have a plan? They lack the necessary steps and decisive actions to reach their ultimate level success. How can that happen? What’s missing? Why don’t capable students have a plan that ensures they don’t fall through the cracks?

The reason is a lack of true understanding about the student. A level of understanding, about each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, along with recognition of the student’s academic accomplishments – and gaps – is a critical component in the formulation of a specific plan of action, designed to meet the needs and goals of each student as a unique individual.

Knowing how students learn or why they excel (or not) can radically change a student’s educational path. Knowing the answer makes all the difference in the world. This knowledge IS power! Without this understanding of why learning can be so difficult, finding the best path to academic success often remains an unsolvable mystery.

The way to gain this knowledge – this understanding – is through utilizing accurate, time-tested assessments of cognitive development and academic achievement.

The academic and diagnostic evaluations offered by SailAway deliver the kind of understanding that produces significant shifts in learning outcomes. They not only accurately identify students’ learning strengths and weaknesses but also pinpoint their academic accomplishments and gaps.

This information opens the floodgates of understanding about a student and forms the basis for individually crafted action plans that fit each student’s unique academic and cognitive development needs. A personalized action plan in place identifies the best next steps on the each student’s path to academic success.

Academic Assessments and Diagnostic Evaluations

SailAway Learning offers academic assessments and diagnostic evaluations that are rarely available in learning centers, tutoring services, or private schools. SailAway’s wide selection of high-caliber evaluation options features only the most respected, reliable, valid, and accurate standardized academic assessments and diagnostic evaluations available anywhere. They are the same evaluations used by school systems to meet federal and state educational standards, on university campuses for research, in psychologist’s offices for therapy focus, and in doctor’s offices for diagnosis and treatment.

However, SailAway uses its assessment for one purpose and one purpose only: to know your student better and use the results to plot a roadmap to greater academic success and improved interpersonal relationships.

Types of Assessments

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WISC – 4


SailAway Guarantee

We guarantee that results are absolutely CONFIDENTIAL. ONLY PARENTS (or legal guardians) and trusted SailAway staff have access to assessment reports.

No diagnosis is ever made. As an educational entity, SailAway is not qualified to issue medical or psychological diagnoses. However, test results may be suggestive of medical or mental health issues. The SailAway consultant will advise parents if that is the case. This information will not be documented in a permanent record nor can it be used to file an insurance claim.

Students are not labeled or certified. Traditional schools use evaluations to “certify” students for special services, and it becomes part of the child’s permanent, lifetime record. As a private provider whose goal is to shed light on why a student struggles (or excels) with learning or behavior and offer a plan of action to change the situation, SailAway has no reason to “certify” (label) a child.