Our Mission

It is the mission of SailAway Learning & Academy to ignite academic and social achievement in every student by understanding how each one is unique. SailAway strives to become the most trusted, and sought-after trainer in the fields of literacy, critical thinking, and tutorial services in both traditional and non-traditional learning environments.

SailAway will stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and hand-in-hand with students, their families, and educators, until they are confident in their own ability to learn and achieve any goal they set.

Therefore, SailAway Learning & Academy seeks to raise up a generation of learners who will:

  • read well, write well, speak well;
  • think critically, creatively, and wisely; and
  • display a thirst for knowledge and its benefits

Our Vision

SailAway Learning & Academy believes that the opportunities for a full and satisfying life are based in a rich, rigorous, and varied education. The ability to obtain that kind of education rests on two cornerstones: literacy and understanding. All other academic and intellectual endeavors flow from these two fundamental components of learning.

Literacy embraces more than reading words on a page and knowing their meaning. True literacy involves any activity with words–spoken, written, or signed–and the ability to use them correctly, powerfully, and communicative in all contexts.

“No matter what you get, get understanding” is a biblical admonition that applies to every aspect of life and especially education. Successful educators must get understand about how their students learn, subject matter content, as well as the materials and methods used to communicate effectively.