Strong At Home

Welcome to Strong At Home, SailAway’s encouraging video series that helps give parents the resources and support they need to be strong at home.

Our videos air on Facebook as well as on YouTube.

Here you will find resources from our guests, as well as our recommended providers to support your family.

Strong At Home was created by Dr. Brenda Murphy, who realized that many families were unexpectedly
(and possibly reluctantly) thrust into homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic. She knew this unprecedented crisis created many educational, intellectual, and emotional unknowns. Armed with a PhD in Educational Psychology and over thirty years of experience as a private and home educator, Dr. Murphy set forth to assure families that they could survive and even thrive in the midst of uncertainty by creating a firm foundation at home.

Joining Dr. Murphy are specialists from a variety of backgrounds: counselors, audiologists, learning experts, teachers. Together, they bring the resources you need to be strong at home.