Dear Fellow Homeschooler,

Welcome to SailAway! It is our greatest desire to serve you well and see you succeed in educating your child. Raising and educating our children is a life-long task. We know! We’re there, too.

Our goal is to provide homeschool programs that equip and support you with the freedom to tailor your child’s education. We believe parents deserve as much flexibility as possible. The goal is education! No one is more motivated than you to see your child succeed.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you need encouragement or advice. Know we would love to spend hours with you personally but we can’t. If you need a lot of time, we offer the Nautilus program, which includes hours of in-depth one-on-one assistance when you need it most. 

Happy homeschooling and blessings for a successful year,

Staff of SailAway Learning and Academy


SailAway Learning & Academy believes that the opportunities for a full and satisfying life are based in a rich, rigorous, and varied education. The ability to obtain that kind of education rests on two cornerstones: literacy and understanding. All other academic and intellectual endeavors flow from these two fundamental components of learning.

Literacy embraces more than reading words on a page and knowing their meaning. True literacy involves any activity with words–spoken, written, or signed–and the ability to use them correctly, powerfully, and communicatively in all contexts. “No matter what you get, get understanding” is a biblical admonition that applies to every aspect of life and especially education. Successful educators must get understanding about how their students learn, subject matter content, as well as the materials and methods used to communicate effectively.

The SailAway Home School vision is simple: enable and empower families. We strive to enable them with freedom to choose which educational path is best for each child and empower them with solid support to be successful.

We know that no two children learn the same way. For some children homeschooling is a short-term necessity while others never set foot in a traditional school setting. We understand because we have had to make those decisions ourselves.

To fulfill that vision to enable and empower parents, SailAway designed its homeschool umbrella programs to ensure:

  • Requirements of Tennessee’s homeschool laws are fully met.
  • Accurate educational records are maintained for each student.
  • Real help is available. With two options to choose from, families can get the level of help they need, when, and if, they need it.
  • Children receive a recognized high school diploma from SailAway Academy, which opens the door to a lifetime of success.
  • Curriculum choice belongs to the parents, as does the decision to use co-ops, tutorials, individual tutors, online learning, and dual enrollment.
  • Record keeping and twice-a-year grade reports are streamlined and easy with Stellar, SailAway’s secure online record management system.

In order to maintain your family’s enrollment, you must:

  • Provide payment of enrollment fees and other fees in a timely manner.
  • Select your curriculum or classes. Classes may include co-ops, tutorials, online opportunities, or dual enrollment. Need suggestions on curriculum? Read SailAway’s HOMESCHOOL RESOURCE RECOMMENDATIONS
  • Submit curriculum via Stellar within 30 days of enrollment.
  • Begin instructing your student. Teach 180 days, minimum 6.5 hours/day. 
  • Read all email communication from SailAway. This our primary means of communication to our families. Update your contact info with the office in the event it changes.
  • Enter semester grades and attendance into Stellar by January 15 and June 15. Extensions will be considered upon request.Failure to submit grades and attendance by these dates will result in a $25 late fee. Grades and attendance MUST be reported each semester, by law. Read: HOW TO USE STELLAR
  • Re-enrollment is open from June 1 to July 31. Re-enrollment received after August 15 will be charged a $25 late fee.
  • Your account must be completely in order before you re-enroll which includes: previous year’s grades and attendance; curriculum/resources listed in Stellar; and no past due balances.