The keystone of SailAway is its innovative, proprietary language arts approach for grades K through 12. Developed in the Academy over 10 plus years, SailAway Literacy is used by schools, tutoring services, and homeschools nationwide.

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I cannot thank you enough for the seminar that you put together to explain the “Mate’s Log” and “Journal.” I learned so much from you and really enjoyed sharing fellowship with you.

I am writing to give you a testimony about how the “Practice Pack” has helped my oldest son with his cursive writing skills. After being in the public school system and learning their approach to cursive writing, I realized that he was, basically, drawing the letters to make them look like cursive. He would lift his pencil several times throughout the word to shape the letters correctly; however, his handwriting wasn’t flowing. Since we started using the “Practice Pack” and using the terminology (it basically allowed me to coach him through writing), he is able to complete words without lifting his pencil and his penmanship is beautiful! Thank you. It really worked for us.

Carrie Malkmus