Because each student’s gifts, talents, and abilities are unique, we believe that each student’s high school journey will look different. When planning for high school, take into consideration your student’s post-high school goals, whether that includes college, military service, trade school, workforce, homemaking, or the mission field. SailAway Academy allows parents to have the freedom to customize a high school path for their student based on these goals.


  • SailAway Academy requires a minimum of 22 credits. See our graduation requirements.
  • We provide a list of course recommendations to help you choose your student’s high school course of study.
  • Typically, one high school credit consists of 150 hours of coursework, and a .5 credit consists of 75 hours of coursework.
  • SailAway Academy accepts all dual enrollment courses for high school credit.

As a Tennessee Category IV school, SailAway Academy offers its own diploma. Tennessee state law requires that all state and local government entities are required to recognize high school diplomas awarded by homeschools and church-related schools equally with diplomas awarded by public schools.

In order to receive a diploma from SailAway Academy, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Obtain a minimum of 22 credits which are set forth in the Road to Graduation.
  • Receipt of all enrollment fees and senior fee.
  • Request for diploma submitted via Applecore’s Request Manager.
  • Any additional requirements set forth by the Homeschool Director or Principal prior to or during enrollment.

SailAway Academy offers a modified diploma for those students who are not able to perform at the high school level due to developmental and cognitive abilities, but will eventually live independently and, if desired, gain employment. These students can complete their coursework until the age of 22, or later with special permission. Course titles should be listed as modified when reported in Applecore.

Students have the option to participate in SailAway Academy’s graduation ceremony, which is usually held the Saturday before Memorial Day. If you have a senior, you will receive information regarding graduation in January.

Students also have the option to participate in various graduations ceremonies that are coordinated and hosted by regional chapters of Tennessee Home Education Association. Contact your local chapter to find out more about graduation ceremonies in your area.

There is a senior fee of $50.00 which provides a diploma and two transcripts. Any additional diploma or transcript copies are $20.00. 

Participating in SailAway’s graduation is optional, but encouraged! The graduation fee of $110.00 includes the cap and gown and light refreshments provided by SailAway.

Because such a variety of individual business, civic, and college-specific scholarships exist, it is impossible to provide an exhaustive list. Parents should research scholarship opportunities within their community, their student’s area of interest, and their student’s college choice(s).

Parents should also be familiar with the great scholarship opportunities open to Tennessee residents:

  • Hope Scholarship –To apply, homeschool students must be enrolled in a homeschool program for at least the senior year, and must receive a minimum ACT score of 21 or a minimum SAT score of 980. The scholarship is only available at a state-eligible institution. More information can be found here at
  • TN Promise –This scholarship has no ACT or SAT requirement; however, the student is required to attend mandatory informational meetings as well as perform community service hours. The scholarship is only available at a state-eligible institution. More information can be found here at
  • Click here for a full listing of Tennessee’s Financial Aid programs including the Dual Enrollment Grant.

SailAway Academy students may take the PSAT or SAT by registering at or the ACT by registering at Our school code is: 431-069. Students may also choose to take the Classic Learning Test which is accepted at a variety of colleges and universities and offers score-based and institution-based scholarships.