SailAway Academy’s MicroSchool Registration Process

Welcome to SailAway Academy! Where hope, solutions and freedom await children like yours, who fall through the cracks and flounder to learn no matter how hard they try.

For over twenty years, we’ve walked with hundreds of children to tell a different story…a story of academic success, personal growth, and life-long learning…regardless of challenges they face.

The first step to your child’s new story is to complete a brief on-line application. The few questions introduce us to your child and make sure SailAway is the right place for him/her to learn and grow.

Once submitted along with the $350 non-refundable application fee, our staff will review your information. Then, they will schedule a time for you to learn more about our school, for us to learn more about your child, and discuss next steps for your child to become a full-fledged SailAway scholar.

Questions? Send us a message.

Your partner for the journey,

Brenda Murphy,
Principal SailAway Academy


Application and acceptance into SailAway Academy’s MicroSchool is a 7-step process:


Step 1. Application – Complete the online Application and submit the $350.00 non-refundable application fee. (Payment instructions are on the application form.) The Application uploads automatically.

Step 2. Application Review

After receiving the completed application and $350.00 fee, the SailAway staff reviews the application, then schedules the required assessments to verify the student meets the academic and developmental minimums for the SailAway micro-school’s current student profile.

Step 3. Required Screening Assessments

There are two required assessments, the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test and the Kaufman Test of Academic Achievement Brief Form, which will be administered by SailAway’s licensed school psychologist. These evaluations provide an objective criteria to determine whether the potential student will thrive in the micro-school.

Step 4. Review Admission Assessment Results

Once the screening assessments are completed, a SailAway staff member will review the assessments’ results with the parents to learn whether their child meet the current academic and developmental criteria for admission. An in-person interview with the student and his/her parents will be scheduled at the end of this meeting.

Step 5. In-Person Interview and Completion of the Health and History Form (HHF)

The interview is a discovery time. You learn about the SailAway Academy difference and next steps to admission. We have the joy of getting to know a potential SailAway scholar and his/her family. If SailAway appears to be a good match for your child, based on the Admission Assessment results and personal interview, the student will be invited to become a SailAway scholar via an acceptance letter.

Prior to the  interview, parents are asked to complete the Health and History Form. The HHF gives SailAway a personal portrait of your child– what’s happened in her/his life to make him a good candidate for a SailAway Academy microschool. We believe that educating your child well means we must understand the whole child–even before enrollment. That’s the purpose of HHR.

Step 6: Notification of Acceptance and Intent to Enroll

Parents/Guardians must notify SailAway of their intent to enroll their child in writing (digital forms acceptable), no more than ten (10) days after receiving the invitation and accompanied by the first month’s tuition and signed Financial Agreement.

Step 7. Diagnostic and Academic Assessment

Once accepted, the next step is a thorough, complete battery of diagnostic and academic assessments administered by SailAway’s licensed school psychologist. These nationally recognized evaluations provide invaluable information about your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses and form the basis for your child’s Individual Cognitive and Academic Plan at SailAway.

Required Parent Orientation

All SailAway scholar’s families and guardians are required to attend the beginning of the year Parent Orientation. This important meeting reviews SailAway’s policies and procedures as outlined in the SailAway Academy Handbook. Parents and scholars are required to sign a statement agreeing to abide by these policies before the first day of the current academic year.

Complete the Registration form online first.
Please submit your $350 registration fee after submitting the registration form.