MicroSchool Catches Students Who Fall Through The Cracks

by | Apr 28, 2017

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SailAway Academy Brings MicroSchool to East Tennessee

MicroSchool Catches Students Who Fall Through The Cracks


Kingston, TN: SailAway Academy, a private K-12 organization in Kingston, Tennessee, announces that its MicroSchool, an innovative educational model, is now accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year.  Created for middle- and high-school students who fall through the cracks in traditional schools, SailAway Academy’s MicroSchool will accept no more than 10 students whose academic achievement does not match their academic promise. The purpose of SailAway’s MicroSchool is to develop each student’s learning and thinking abilities through student-centered teaching and learning methods and activities.

Brenda Murphy, Founder and President of SailAway Learning, expresses her expectations about the MicroSchool: “I know dozens of now-successful young adults who were falling through the cracks as children until they attended SailAway Academy. With its single focus on a small group of students, SailAway is like an incubator. Students experience success and achieve in line with their true abilities and efforts. Families from Knox County and surrounding areas struggle to find the right place for their bright, underachieving children. SailAway Academy’s MicroSchool is such a place.”

To ensure the right fit between the school’s program and its students, applicants undergo a careful admissions process, beginning with an online application. The next steps include an admissions assessment and follow-up interviews. Committed to changing the limited options for falling-through-the-cracks students, SailAway plans to establish additional MicroSchools in both urban and rural settings nationwide.

About SailAway Learning & Academy: SailAway Learning is a private learning center and academy founded by Brenda Murphy in 1997. SailAway partners with parents to forge solutions that pave the way for every child to achieve academically, learn to love learning, and become healthy, well-adjusted adults. They offer academic and diagnostic assessments, an Academy, homeschool programs, and specialized literacy and learning workshops.